That’s a Wrap


Here’s a complete run down on the 2011 Raw IBA Australian Titles.


The Grommet’s Division saw the lone New South Welshman Louis Parsons-O’Malley take on three Queenslanders, Jarrah Hamlin, Jasper Hinchliffe and Nat Russell.

The final went like this :
Jarrah Hamlin (Qld) – 1st
Nat Russell (Qld) – 2nd
Jasper Hinchliffe (Qld) – 3rd
Louis Parsons-O’Malley (NSW) – 4th


Cadets saw Matt Guignon, Nick Ellich, Willy Nepia Murray and Tarquinn Dunn in the final.  The results were:
Matt Guignon (NSW) – 1st
Willy Nepia Murray (NZ) – 2nd
Tarquinn Dunn (WA) – 3rd
Nick Ellich (NSW) – 4th


Juniors went down with Liam Glass, Pearson Tully, George Humphreys and Thorpe Waluew battling it out and ended like this :
George Humphreys (WA) – 1st
Pearson Tully  (NSW) – 2nd
Thorpe Waluew (QLD) – 3rd
Liam Glass (NSW) – 4th

Junior Women’s had only three contestants:
Courtney Parsons (NSW) – 1st
Lahnee McKenna (NSW) – 2nd
Taylor Alan (NSW) – 3rd


The Open Men’s Division saw a mix of the states with Lachie Cramsie, Josh Garner, Joey Orme and Glen Sullivan.  The final went like this :
Lachie Cramsie (QLD) – 1st
Joey Orme (QLD) – 2nd
Josh Garner (WA) – 3rd
Glen Sullivan (NSW) – 4th

Open Women’s went like this:
Nicole Fleming (TAS) – 1st
Jane Keel (NSW) – 2nd
Serena Ball (NZ) – 3rd
Rio Clark (NZ) – 4th

The Senior Men’s finished:
Jon Capilli (NSW) – 1st
Ben Wells (QLD) – 2nd
Nick Gibbs (QLD) – 3rd
Craig Parker (NSW) – 4th

The DK final results:
Aaron Glossop (NSW) – 1st
Shane Griffiths (QLD) – 2nd
Rob Holmes (VIC) – 3rd
Glen Sullivan (NSW) – 4th

Grand Masters finished up like this :
Steve Watson (VIC) – 1st
Tom Wilson (WA) – 2nd
Paul Mace (NSW) – 3rd
Greg Webster (NSW) – 4th

Check the IBA Australasia site for more news and photos.