Sumol Nazaré Special Edition 2012

The Sumol Nazare Special Edition will be held between the 2nd and 30th of January.

The competition is incorporated in the IBA calendar and will count with big names of the national and international bodyboarders.


The requirements established by the organization to carry out the competition in October, as initially established, had not been completed so the athletes will face the perfect waves of Praia do Norte in January.

“During the waiting period initially established, the requirements were not completed for the proper conduct of the competition. We believe that in January we will be able to gather the best conditions for the realization of Sumol Nazaré Special Edition in order to provide an excellent performance, which is what everyone wants”, explains Dino Casimiro, of the technical direction of the competition.

In 2009, Mike Stewart, nine-times World Champion, was the first international athlete to win the Sumol Nazaré Special Edition. The Portuguese Luís “Porkito” Pereira won in 2005 and in 2007 and Paulo Costa won the first event in 2003.

Nazaré’s Canyon and the waves of Praia do Norte
Nazaré’s Canyon is a rare geomorphologic accident, the biggest in Europe and one of the largest in the world, consisting in a flaw on the continental plaque about 170 km long and 5 km depth. Settled front to Praia do Norte, leads the Atlantic waves to this beach, almost without obstacles, creating waves with an unusual size compared to the rest of the Portuguese coast. A truly playground for all waves sports lovers who find here the ideal set to go over their limits.

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