Avoca Shark Attack

Last night at North Avoca beach, Mike Wells, was bitten by a shark but, thankfully survived the ordeal.

As reported on ABC radio:


A surfer has been attacked by a shark at a beach on the central coast of the Australian state of New South Wales.

The shark bit the 28-year-old man while he was surfing at around 8pm (AEDT) Tuesday evening at North Avoca Beach.

NSW Ambulance says the man felt his arm go underneath the surfboard and immediately paddled back to shore to raise the alarm.

You can read more here and learn that there were five sharks also spotted nearby this morning here. Riptide wishes Mike a speedy recovery and stay safe people!

And then yesterday morning we heard that we have to deal with wild hybrid sharks too!

Leading researchers in marine biology discovered 57 animals along a 2000 km stretch from Queensland to NSW.

The predators are a cross between the common blacktip shark and Australian blacktip shark, two related but genetically distinct species.

The scientists say interbreeding between the two shark species is a sign the animals are adapting to climate change.

Read more about the mutants here.

What next? A ‘Sharktopus’?!