Catching Up With Cutty

If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing Jordan Putland riding waves then you’ll know that he does it with style.

He holds his board the right way, his spins fast and tight, flows his carves and boosts when the section presents itself, not forcing things. Here’s a quick catch up with the man.

He’s not loud and in your face, he just obviously loves to boog.  Riptide grabbed a few answers from the young lad!

Tell us about yourself for those that don’t know you?
Eyy guys I’m Jordan Putland (cutty), 18 years old and I’m from Currumbin on the Goldy.

Who’s your biggest influence in bodyboarding?
My biggest influence would have to be Thom Robinson; I like everything about his surfing!

How do you try and ride a wave as far as style goes and looking good on the wave?
I try and ride each wave as best I can and focus on not looking like a kook ha! If a trick doesn’t feel good I don’t try landing it.

Could you see yourself bodyboarding for a living and doing the world tour?

I get the most enjoyment out of bodyboarding and would love to do it full time and not have to work. But yeah it’s such a long and grinding road.. Hopefully I can get there one day and live the dream hah.

As far as showcasing your skills to possible sponsors how do you go about it? Do you wish more people filmed on the coast?
Making a clip and posting it on the net is what I would do, but there is hardly any filmers on the coast and it is super hard to get them keen to shoot. I do wish more people filmed on the coast.

Would you agree that having a loud personality out of the water helps guys get noticed?
Yeah I reckon it does,  more people will know you then. But most of the dudes that are real loud out of the water ain’t to special when they hop in.

Do you think you’d prefer your surfing to do the talking?
Yeah way rather let my surfing do the talking!!

As far as blogs go and kids promoting themselves, have you thought about doing the same or rather stay away from it?

Nah, haven’t thought about doing it kinda want too stay away from it. Everyone’s got one these days!

You got any trips planned or places you really want to surf but haven’t?

Not at the moment. I really want to go to south oz, the place looks so rad! Perfect bodyboarding waves without the crowds.

What are you plans for 2012?

My plans are to surf as much as possible and save more cash to travel more this year!