ID’s New Recruit

Just got word that young Gold Coast shredder, Jacob Hein has recently signed with ID Boards.

We can see potential in Hein, that’s well beyond his years. Which makes it such an honour to give him the opportunity to lead the Potential campaign into the future. It’s younger guys like him that help raise the level of the kids everywhere and with the right support Lord knows where he could go.” – Glen Thurston

Here’s a few questions with Mr Hein.

You’re almost packed for Hawaii, you’ve just got a fresh quiver of ID. boards, how are you feeling right now?

At the moment I’m feeling pretty stoked to be riding for ID, which is always an added bonus having them backing me whilst in Hawaii. I’ts going to be a
great opportunity to finally boost my profile in the bodyboarding industry.

What has your year been like leading up to this point? Training, focus or just normal Goldie life?

My year has definitely consisted of a bit of everything. I’ve been training a lot latel,y before going to Hawaii. I have also been focusing a lot on getting myself
to where I want to be. I have been given great opportunities lately so I’ll be using them to my advantage. And yeah, I guess the night
life has also been involved this year haha, but have cut back a lot so I can be more focused on my future.

Tell us a new move you would love to nail?

720 reverse air into the flats would be pretty rad.

If you won the Pipe comp what would be the first thing you do?

I know my chick would be on my back to give her the winnings, but I doubt that would be happening. Maybe I can donate a cut of the prize money to Riptide staff if they can keep the result hidden from her hahahaha.

Lastly, with so much talent bursting from the seams around Goldie, any magic tricks up your sleeve to stand out amongst the masses?
I can’t reveal any of my magic tricks, there top secret business.