The Comeback Kid

QCD is stoked to have announce they now have a pure dropknee rider on their team – re-introducing Shane Griffiths.


“Shane Griffiths is the man and he has been surfing for 25 years! Shane was an up-and-coming pro in early 1990’s who had a number of big name sponsors backing him, but due to school and work commitments he was off the scene for over nine years.

Well, Shane is back and tearing better then ever. He has nearly taken out top spots in Aus tour comps in 2011 and placing 1st and 2nd in both the drop-knee and prone divisions of the GCBC. Shane is pumped to do the tour this year and is off to Hawaii next month.

Stoked to have another veteran on the team with the hunger and talent to take his boards and surfing to another level.” – QCD.