Feel the Freedom

Owner and manager Andrew Lester (product testing at the Island above) announces the arrival of Freedom Fins with set of new initiatives.

Freedom Fins Preview

Freedom Fins
Freedom is a new brand in the bodyboard market owned and managed by Andrew Lester.

The team at Freedom are proud to launch the latest surf fin to hit the market. We have combined old school style with new school technology to bring you the most advanced fin available.  We do not pretend to have invented the fin, we have simply perfected it.

The idea was to have a fin that eliminated the problems that other fins gave, mainly ulcers. We have used a composite rubber like material (Surflex), which contains silicon and is much softer on the foot. The density has been tailored uniquely by Freedom for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

The Freedom Fin has the best drainage foot pocket on the market.  With the drainage being at the bottom of the foot pocket there is no chance of getting your toes caught in the drainage hole which is an issue in other fins.

With these fins you’ll feel ‘freedom’ like never before. Freedom Fins will be available in stores from April 2012 and come in three stylish colours:
•    Black/Yellow;
•    Red/Grey; and
•    All Black.

Team Riders
“I’m really stoked that I’m in a position where I can start my own brand. I’ve always wanted to be able to have my own bodyboarding brand and Freedom Fins are the perfect way to enter the bodyboarding market. The fins are amazing. I’ve been lucky enough to wear pretty much every fin on the market over my career and Freedom Fins are the best I’ve worn by far. They have the softest rubber and with the drainage you never get sand staying in there which cause a lot ulcers.  I want to take it slow and build up the brand. I want to support the sport and that’s why we’ve sponsored the Box event. I’ll look to build the team soon but for now I just want to get the brand out there.” – Andrew Lester.

More team rider announcements to come in April 2012.

2012 IBA Box Pro Sponsorship
Freedom Fins is already putting back into the sport by sponsoring the 2012 IBA Box Pro Round 4 Non Elimination round. This is the first event that will incorporate this new format giving the riders the opportunity to go big without the risk of elimination – The Freedom Round.

Round 4 of the Box Pro will be a new feature to the event, a non-elimination round for the competitors to go for broke, as all will have the opportunity to advance. The winner from Round 4 steps straight to Quarter Finals, 2nd goes to Round 6, whilst 3rd & 4th, go into Round 5.

A $1,000 cash prize will be up for grabs for the rider that surfs with the most Freedom and progressive style of bodyboarding.

For more information please refer to our Facebook page at the following link – facebook.com/freedomfins.

Freedom Fins Preview