Pumping Portugal

The winter in Portugal looks like it has been absolutely pumping. Here’s the proof!

Photos // Tomanephotos.com

“Despite the huge amount of cold weeks, the fact is this has been an incredible winter for bodyboarding in Portugal. Day after day, without stop, the swell has been pumping since November. A lot of offshore days and large swells have been registered so far, which means dozens of incredible sessions and hardcore action.

The last session, with kegs of about 7-9 feet, held in one of the most powerful reefs of the West area (between Ericeira and Peniche, 15 minutes from Vert Magazine bunker) and in the country, saw some of the best riders taking large on massive waves last Saturday.

The highlights and performances of the day belonged to Manuel Centeno, João André, Porkito, Tó Cardoso, Pitaça, Ricardo Faustino and the currently World Champion himself, Mr. Pierre-Louis Costes, who by the way is living in Portugal for a year and a half.” – Toze, Vert Mag Editor.