Jared Inks New Turbo Deal

Jared Houston signs a new, three-year deal with Turbo Surf Designs and leaps about all over Puerto Rico in excitement.

Jared Houston spends large portions for the year in Puerto Rico. This clip is a showcase of what he has been up to over there as well as what keeps him coming back. The videographers are Jorge E Colomer Hernandez, Gaby Aybar, Joshua Kleve and Alicia Kleve. Josh Kleve edited this clip too.

Turbo Surf Designs are proud to announce we have signed Jared Houston for a further three years as a Turbo Global Team Rider. Jared has been a valuable member of the Turbo Global Team since 2010 and the new contract will extend that partnership to beyond five years. Jared has developed in to one of the leading riders in the world of performance bodyboarding since joining Turbo. With a Top 10 finish in the 2011 IBA World Tour and Top 10 Rankings in the Riptide Peer and Reader Polls, the 22-year-old South African is widely respected for his powerful and refined style in all conditions.

Turbo Owner and Head Shaper Glenn Taylor added that, “Turbo are excited to continue our partnership with Jared, he consistently impresses in the water and his attitude out of the water has to be admired. I have been working with Jared on his board design for over two years now and we have perfected a Jared Houston signature board that will be released in June 2012.”

Jared stated “I am over the moon to have signed on with Turbo for another three years. The boards are insane and I feel they are only getting started in terms of what is to come. Their support has been key in the growth of my career to this point and I’m looking forward to building our relationship into the future. I really believe in aligning yourself with a company and I’m so psyched to be aligned with one such as Turbo Surf Designs. We have some exciting things lined up , the first of which is my signature model board which will be available from June onwards. I’m pumped on how it came out and I hope you like it too! I would like to thank Turbo for their investment and I’m looking forward to taking things to another level together.”