Eric’s Arica Adventure – The Introduction

Gold Coast shredder Eric Roy is off to Arica with a wildcard to the big show.

Eric Roy’s Arica Adventure
Interview by NAW

You’re still in your teens. Riding a boogie is your life, but at the same time it’s not yet your LIFE. You’ve got a bit of sponsorship here and there and riding waves consumes your every waking thought. You’ve done an obligatory season in Hawaii, but that’s all the stamps your passport’s garnered so far. Then – in an instant – it all changes. Your employer/sponsor locks you in a wild card spot at the 2012 Arica Pro Trials. HO-LY SHIT! Welcome to the life of Eric Roy; a life we’ll be following daily over the coming few weeks. Here’s where he’s at in the lead-up to departure for Chile.

Tell us the first five things that come to mind when you think of South America?
A mind-blowingly beautiful continent, very mountainous, icy waters, heavy waves and possibly the coolest place to ever travel.

What was your initial reaction when you found out about your wildcard into the Arica Pro Trials?
I was absolutely stoked! It’s an opportunity I would have never imagined to happen to me. It’s really changed what I originally had planned for the year and definitely for the better. I’m just so appreciative that I’ve been given a chance to gain so much more knowledge and experience at such a young age; a totally different culture and some big, scary waves.

How many stamps does your current passport have on it?
My passport currently just has the one stamp from Hawaii this year. This will be my second trip overseas.

How’s your riding symmetry? Do you see yourself favouring the El Gringo rights or lefts?
To be honest I feel more comfortable on rights. Though I’d love to give a good left a crack in my heat, just to generally boost my confidence and grow some balls when I’m under pressure (laughs).

When was the last time you surfed against one of the tour bigwigs? How did it go down?
I have had a few heats here and there. I don’t usually make enough rounds to end up against ’em. The ones I have done well in have definitely stepped up my confidence, but all have mostly been in small, horrible wave conditions so it’s nothing to fuss about.

On return to Australia, you’re filling your mates in on the trip. What do you hope to be telling ’em?
I’m not expecting much competition-wise – obviously because it’s a wave like I’ve never experienced ­– but I would love to say I made it through a heat or two and that I scored a few sick waves throughout my time over there. I’m sure I will have endless stories of how amazing everybody surfed and also some photos of the incredible landscape. All my mates have been so supportive about this and I can’t wait to get home to see them after. Lastly, I would like to thank Mick Parkhill from BSC, this couldn’t have happened without him. Stealth Bodyboards, Ryan Mattick from Zion Wetsuits and my good mate Jimmy Williamson and my girlfriend Louise for all their help!

Stay tuned for more on Eric’s Arica Adventure shortly…