ID recruits Daniel Thompson

ID Boards are pleased to add Daniel Thompson to their Potentials Team.

ID Boards: Nickname?
Daniel Thompson: Deets or DT are the main ones.

How long did it take for you to work your way onto the ID. Potentials?
It took me about six months to work my way onto the Potentials. It started from surfing with Glen for a while and talking with him about wanting to ride for ID.  At the time he said I wasn’t ready for that level of exposure and instead helped me out with a board, because my board at the time was thrashed and I needed a new sled. This was about December last year and since then Glen has really helped me with improving my surfing. Still always room for improving your surfing and I believe with the backing of ID. Boards and working with Glen and the other Potentials it will really help my surfing and help me get to where I want to be.

When can we expect to see more of these podcasts?
Maybe later this year around November or December. Alex Wira and I are already hard at work for the next one, we just need some good waves.  I don’t want to bring out heaps of them so just going to focus on 2 really good clips this year. Going to try do a trip for part 2 maybe Bali or somewhere around OZ, so stay tuned!

Can you give us a quick insight into what went down on the ID. Training Camp?
The camp was insane! Got to surf with Glen on a regular basis and get tips and insights on different parts of bodyboarding. I was on the camp with Scott Thompson and Darcy Eiffert who are really cool dudes and it was sick getting to know them better and surf with them too. On the camp we got to experience eating healthy, training and going over footage with Glen and Tyge which was sick and helped us all. I loved every minute of the camp and I believe the camp was really beneficial for me, as I got to work on the weaknesses in my surfing and realise what it takes to get where I want to be.

Last question, what’s the salmon? And how did you get rid of it?
Haha The salmon! It’s where you ride the wave and one of your legs comes up, and for me it was coming up and going down and up like 3 or 4 times on one wave. When we watched the footage we noticed it was flopping around like a salmon so we gave it the nickname. After the camp I really focused on ending the salmon as I couldn’t stand watching footage with it flopping around all the time, so I constantly focused keeping my leg down and not having it flopping around.

Thanks to ID Boards for the interview.