Jase’s Big Air Comp

Entries for the 2012 Jase Finlay Big Air Comp are now open and his sponsors have gone skitz with prizes.

To coincide with the release of his long-awaited signature board model, the smiling assassin has brought back the annual Jase Finlay Big Air Comp. 

To win the first NMD-FINLAY in the country, as well as a huge prize pack from all of his sponsors, just complete the following:

1) Capture video of yourself doing the biggest air possible.
2) Upload your clip to Youtube or Vimeo, with your Name and Age as the title.
3) Send the link of your clip, as well as any questions to bigaircomp@hotmail.com
4) Follow riptidemagazine.com.au for Jase’s weekly favourites, and the winner.
5) Winner will be announced on Sep 1st 2012.

TIPS: The winner will be chosen with consideration of:
– Age of rider
– Size of wave
– Size of air
– Technicality of air
– Style of air
– Landing of air
– Rider must not have any major sponsors


Jase Finlay signature model, Dual bodyboard travel bag, Backpack, Bicep leash, Fin teathers, Shirt, Wax, Sticker pack.
Chest Zip Steamer, Sticker pack
Jeans, Hoodie, 2x Shirts, Sticker pack
Hoodie, Shirt, Sticker pack
Shoes, Sticker pack
Flippers, Sticker pack

We caught up with the man himself, Jase Finlay, to find out his motivation behind the comp and what you’ll need to do to garner his attention.

What’s your main goal with running the big air comp?

Every bodyboarder in the world loves seeing a massive boost. My biggest idols growing up were those that saved the spins, and used their speed to drive for the lip and launch as high as they could. I’ve formed my whole bodyboarding life about trying to go as hard, and as high as I can. I want to try and push that style of riding, and in turn, push the sport. As a grom, there was nothing better than scoring some free booger gear too, so I’m hoping to get someone super stoked on this prize-pack.

What if someone pulls a bigger air than you?

It is more than likely to happen, and exactly the reason to hold this comp. 
Anyone can enter, and anyone can get their big break into the boogin scene as this comp is a vehicle for the world to see them go hard! They will win the first NMD/Finlay signature board in the country. A huge prize-pack from all my sponsors, as well as making me a little jealous, haha

What are you looking for in terms of aerial moves, is style going to out weigh height?

I don’t want to put too much emphasis on style. Style is only an opinion. I think if it’s big, and it looks in control, then it’s gunna go well! I just want to see guys and girls of all ages going for it!

Are jet-skis allowed?  

Jetski’s are definitely allowed, but I would much rather see someone do a massive air utilising the raw power of the wave.

Can you predict which kind of wave will produce the biggest air?

Last time I held the comp Wade Masters won, with a massive controlled air reverse out of a Box beach Wedge! Wedges are definitely a breeding ground for big airs, 
but some of the biggest airs I’ve done are out of waves that are easier to get barrelled on. It’s too hard to predict, but I’m keen to see where people are boosting these days!

Is there anything that people should adhere too?  

GO HARD, OR GO HOME! haha. When I was super young I met the Billabong Bodyboard team (then consisting of Eppo, Rawlins, Hardy, Lester, Kingy and Beau Day) down the coast. I suited up faster than ever, and would have done anything to try and impress them. Their filmer yelled out to me ” GO HARD, OR GO HOME “, as I was jumping off. It’s funny that I remember that now, but I guess it was my motivation back then. So yeah, DO IT!! Haha.