Karla Costa-Taylor Wins Ladies & Specker Wins DK

Karla Costa-Taylor (BRA) and Sacha Specker (ZAF) have respectively taken out the Women’s and DK divisions of the 2012 IBA Encanto Pro in solid 4-6 foot waves today.

Karla Costa-Taylor (15.88) defeated an in form Sari Ohhara (JPN) (12.21), battling strong winds and stormy surf at middles beach today.

Costa-Taylor was overjoyed with her win today, as it was the first GSS win in her illustrious career. The 1999 Women’s World Champion put on a stellar performance throughout the event, posting the only 10 point ride and consistently pushing the margins of women’s bodyboarding. On her way to the final, the Brazilian talent defeated Ayaka Suzuki (JPN) in a closely contested quarter final and local powerhouse Natasha Sagardia in a nail biting semifinal to meet up against Ohhara who had a near flawless record of heat victories throughout the contest.

Although the 2012 world title had already been clinched by her fellow country woman Isabella Sousa, by winning the final WWT event of 2012 Costa-Taylor secured herself a runner-up finish on the 2012 rankings.
2012 WWT GSS rankings.
1 – Isabella Sousa-Brazil – 8000
2 – Karla Costa-Taylor – Brazil – 6280
3 – Eunate Aguirre – Basque – 5800
4 – Maylla Venturin – Brazil – 5620
5 – Minami Hatekayama – Japan – 5060
6 – Sari Ohhara – Japan – 4780
7 – Neymara Carvalho – Brazil – 4560
8 – Catarina Sousa – Portugal – 4470

South Africa’s Sacha Specker took out the 2012 IBA Encanto Pro DK division, narrowly defeating an inform Amaury Lavernhe (REU) in the final.


Specker took an early lead with a 6.75 and 7.25 for a combination of backside snaps and carves leaving Lavernhe searching for a near excellent score. With only 7 minutes remaining the frenchman was rewarded 8.08 points for a big clean floater on his forehand, less than a point short of the score he required to take the lead.

Fortunately for the 2012 DK World Champion, time did not allow Lavernhe to replace his low score with the required 5.91 points he needed to take the win, deeming Specker victorious as the final buzzer sounded. Lavernhe’s performance throughout the event is not to be underestimated, defeating Australian multi talent and current

Mens GSS No.1 Dave Winchester in the quarterfinal and Peruvian DK guru Pancho Galdos in the semifinals to earn his spot in the final. Specker managed to survive a dual with both Hubbard brothers on his road to victory.

DKWT GSS final rankings
1- Sacha Specker – Sth Africa – 6000
2 – Dave Hubbard – Hawaii – 4570
3 – Cesar Bauer – Peru – 4420
4 – Pancho Galdos – Peru – 4352
5 – Ardiel Jimenez – Canary Is – 4047
6 – Daniel Alves (Santos) – Brazil – 3782
7 – Kiko Galdos – Peru – 3407
8 – Ricardo Sotelo – Peru – 3342

Approaching the end of the waiting period, the Mens GSS resumed with Round 3, 4 and 5 today, reigniting the 2012 Mens world title race.


Standouts of the day included number 1 seed Dave Winchester (AUS), 2010 World Champion Amaury Lavernhe (REU), 2011 World Champion Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA), 2x World Champion Jeff Hubbard (HAW),  6x World Champion Guilherme Tamega (BRA) and South African super talents Mark McCarthy and Jared Houston (ZAF) who posted the highest heat score of the day, an impressive 17.51 in Round 3.

Of the 12 competitors remaining in the event, 5 are 2012 World title contenders, namely McCarthy, Costes, Tamega, Hubbard and ratings leader Dave Winchester, but the Australian needs to be victorious tomorrow without Hubbard in the final if he wishes to clinch his title at the 2012 IBA Encanto Pro.


If Winchester is eliminated in the semifinals, McCarthy will have to win to stay in the race whereas Tamega, Hubbard, or Costes will only need to make it into the semifinals to keep their respective title hopes alive. The only way for Winchester to clinché the title tomorrow, is if he takes out the 2012 IBA Encanto Pro.


Event organizers have called for a 6:30 check in for Mens GSS Round 6 and are planning a 7:00 am local time start.


Check the IBA site and Facebook for more photos and updates.  Make sure you watch it live tonight!