Dallas Singer Receives Injury Wildcard

He’s just got word that he’s back on the tour.
Dallas Singer suffered a severe injury to his ankle whilst bodyboarding in Chile after the IBA Arica Challenge in May 2012. Dallas suffered a stage 3 break in his ankle (both fibular & tibular), which affected his ability to compete on the 2012 IBA GSS Tour. – IBA

For a rider to be competing on the World Tour these days it can be your whole career to just compete.  Dallas has had the sweet taste of the freesurfing life but seems to prefer his life on the World Tour.  He’s just received the injury wildcard for the 2013 GSS World Tour after thinking he didn’t make the cut.  We had a quick chat to him in regards to receiving the wildcard.

RT: After thinking you’re not on the tour this year and then being awarded the injury wildcard how’s it changed your outlook for 2013?
I had been speaking with Craig Hadden and other committee members at the IBA shortly after my injury, so the discussion was always there and the concept of an injury wildcard had been floating around for quite a while beforehand. So I didn’t completely think I was off the tour after finishing out of qualifying at Fronton but a little nervous still for sure. The news on Monday has definitely put that spark back into my competitive drive without doubt.

Dallas Singer flying in Mexico. Photo IBA/Collins

Is it a scary thought for you being off the tour or is it more lucrative for you to freesurf?
I don’t think it’s scary, the change in the beginning might be a shock I guess but life would go on I’m sure. As far as being more lucrative just freesurfing goes I’m not too certain, I can’t really picture myself as just being a freesurfer, for one I’m terrible at reading weather reports and swell graphs so I’d need to learn how to do that a little better first.

Do you see your career benefitting more when you’re on tour?
Yeah for sure, I believe it gives you direction more than anything. I love making movies, shooting photos, surfing with my friends but the tour really does provide me with a bit of direction in all that and that’s a big benefit to any professional career.

Had you preferred to take a year off from the tour or maybe compete in only a few select events?
I’ve actually done it once before already when I was finishing my degree a few years back, I held a top 16 position then and I forfeited most of the year and surfed a lot at home and around Ausralia, which was really cool. But now, where I see my career going in the next few years I’d definitely prefer a full-time position on tour.

Being voted on by the IBA and riders to receive the wildcard, do you feel a bit more pressure to perform?
Not really, a lot of confidence will just come from knowing I’m physically back to one hundred per cent come round one in February, so no added pressure at all.

Which event puts the most strain on you physically?
Last year it was Portugal funnily enough. That was my first contest back after injury and against my Doctor’s orders; the old kankle really didn’t like flying at 30,000 ft for as long as it did. Generally though it’s probably Pipe, coming straight out of a flat Aussie summer and into testing Hawaiian conditions is never an easy thing to do physically.