Who Is Adam Morrison

Victoria has produced one helluva competitor.

Portrait by Mitch Nibbs.

How did you get into bodyboarding?
I first started bodyboarding as a grom in Westernport Bay when I was probably 13 with my mate Ben.  With a few stints on a surfboard we actually both decided one day to stick to a Bodyboard and ever since that day we have pretty much Bodyboarded.

Have you ever considered relocating from Victoria?
Yeah it has crossed my mind especially in the cold winters where the weather is terrible and the water is ice cream headache temperature..
It’s good to go away for parts of winter just to break it up a little, after awhile it slowly gets to you.. But in saying that we do get good waves you just have to find them.

IMG 0011
Photo by Mitch Nibbs.

Also you just got sponsored by Turbo, how’d this come about?
Our local Bodyboard shop Shed Nine, which is my other sponsor and mate Eddie Wearne hooked me up just before Christmas. I have been riding Turbo Bodyboards for a month now and they have been all time, best boards I have ridden.  I also have been hooked up with Zion suits which I am also super excited about as they are fine suites and I’m pumped they have got involved..

After winning four State Titles and a National mens title, are your sights set on the bigger stage? Say the world tour?
Nah probably not the World Tour, possibly the Australian Tour but I might travel still undecided. I got word from local bodyboarder and Victorian champion himself Josh Morgan that if I win one more state title I will take the record off him, so hopefully one more state title and I will be satisfied.

Is there anything in particular you’d like to achieve in bodyboarding?
Yeah definitely. I’m 100% this year trying to get a photo in a magazine hopefully Riptide haha, that is one goal I want to achieve.
Apart from that just wanting to improve not only my bodyboarding but wanting to see the groms from Victoria improving. Which they are I reckon, every Mornington Peninsula Bodyboard Club comp we hold they are improving by the month.

Who’s your biggest rival at the moment?
Well there are definitely a few, but my two main rivals in the water at home are Jack Shepherd and Jack Woolacot. We push each other every surf if someone does something sick it’s on. But out of the water we all get along with maybe the occasional bickering.

Have you been on any trips recently?
I went to King Island, scored some good waves and had a ball. It was one of the best holidays I have been on. I was speaking to one of the local guys down there and they have been struggling to get people down there and was asking us to tell all our mates to come down. They are all super friendly and I will definitely be going back.  Check out the Save King Island Facebook page here to show them a little support.