Riptide #198

The Travel Issue – Mar/Apr – 2014

OFC RT198 small

“It takes a certain person to find enjoyment in the unknown… who finds thrills in not knowing how each day will pan out.”

Welcome to the travel issue! We’d been hanging on to this flawless image of Simon Thornton in his Teahupo’o front yard since mid last year, but when it came time for our travel issue we knew it was time to unveil it. For who better to exemplify the benefits of travel than an expatriate hellman who’s set up shop in a French Polynesian utopia? Accompanying the shot is a quote from our chat with traveller extraordinaire Chris Burkard, illustrated by The Amity Affliction frontman, artist and bodyboarder Joel Birch. Photo: Seth de Roulet

In this issue:


Highlanders – Scotland through the eyes of Michael Novy, Chris James and Damien Martin.


Final Frontiers – Tired of the same old trip? Why not discover something new? Chris Burkard explains.


64 Hours – A modern twist on the classic road trip, with Jase Finlay, Dean Pitt and Steve Wall.


Walking on a dream – Five expats discuss what happens when you never come back.


Riptide Travel Compendium – choose your accommodation, luggage and accessories with our bumper guide.


The Viking Isles – Join some intrepid Irish explorers as they chase remote waves in the North Atlantic.


Kaleidoscope – Moments and colour from the Canary Islands, written by Sacha Specker.

Also in this issue:

Hitting the Books – How to maximise your chances of scoring overseas, with Jem Cresswell.

What Would Brandon Do? – If you’re serious about travelling for long stints, listen to Brandon Foster.

Coach Hardballs – Ryan Hardy on the ancient art of surf-trip packing.

Hall of Famers – Six landmark bodyboarding trips that will inspire.

The Hoax Coast? – James Page guides you through a Victorian road trip.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place – Puerto Rico’s Kuko Font takes a beating in Mexico.

Twenty-four-hour Party People – 11 of the best with part connoisseur Nick Gornall

I’m on a Boat – Road trip not tickling your fancy? Why not skipper a yacht?