Get Well Lilly

Lilly Pollard suffers a broken neck and back. Thankfully no spinal damage.
Above: Lilly in happier times, charging on the South Coast last year. Photo: Stork.

Yes, scary news out of the South Coast, NSW yesterday as word of Aussie bodyboarding legend and 2014 Women’s Pipeline Champ Lilly Pollard suffering a “broken back” filtered into the office. Local newspaper the Illawarra Mercury reported at 10am yesterday that she’d suffered three fractured vertebrae after “being dumped” by a wave at Mystics. The report continues that paramedics were called to the scene around 9.30am and Lilly was winched from the beach by the Ambulance Rescue Helicopter and taken to Wollongong Hospital with pain to her neck, head and lower extremities. A New South Wales ambulance spokesman praised the emergency personnel and also the people who helped her in from the water. Read the paper’s full report here.

Thankfully Lilly didn’t suffer any spinal damage and she posted a photo on her Facebook last night, in good spirits, giving everyone an update: “Yeah the rumours are true. I smacked my head on the sandbar at mystics today trying to get some chocolate barrels. I’ve broken my neck and back but thankfully no spinal damage. Lots of rest time for me. Massive thanks to the boys that carefully carried me out of the water, you saved me!! Hospital is great. I’m naked and full of ice cream! Woo!”

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From Lilly’s Facebook last night. Smiling and thumbs-up – universal symbols for good spirits and positive vibes.

Lilly joins a long list of amazingly talented bodyboarders who have suffered serious neck and/or back injuries including Joel Taylor, Chad Jackson and Damien Martin. Riptide wishes you all the best for a speedy recovery, Lilly – get well soon and we hope to see you back in the water doing what you do best in no time!