Riptide #199

Waves of Change – May/Jun – 2014


What does this image do for you? For us it conjures the essence of bodyboarding.

The heavy, ledging reefbreak; the spine-tingling anticipation in the poised scoop; the peanut gallery stoking out on the shoulder. You just can’t bloody beat it. Photographer Jack Sheard says he’d dreamt of nailing this shot at the northern NSW reef for years before this January session and, after copping a few floggings and nailing keepers of local grom talent Jarrah Hamlin and stand-up Joel Parkinson, he was ready to bail to the channel, job done.

Luckily for all of us he chose to wait it out another five minutes. “Elliot [Williams] is one of the waveriders living closest to this wave and over the years he’d have figured out which ones are the good ones,” Jack says. “Boy, his eyes would’ve lit up when he saw this nugget. He rode it perfectly and while I didn’t get a shot of him coming out I assure you he did. Elliot’s a funny bloke and has been around the coast for years, but never really received much credit.” Well, Jack, credit where credit is due.

Photo: Jack Sheard


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