Nomad unveils PRS and Skintec

There’s a feisty some feisty new tech on the block.
Above: Nomad stalwart Matt Lackey putting his pro model through its paces in the Philippines last year in Riptide #197. Photo: Josh Tabone

It’s getting to that time of year when board companies are bringing their spanking new projects to life and Nomad is one of those to draw first blood.

Today they’ve announced the inclusion in its range of the new Precision Recoil Stringer (PRS).


The major benefit of the new carbon fibre rod is that it’s tapered, which means it has a thicker, wider diametre in the tail to keep it stiff, and it then becomes narrower and more flexible as it gets closer to the nose. Nomad says the stringer works with the core, adding “spring-like recoil” in the nose, while maintaining stiffness in the tail, which is “the perfect combination for board projection”.


Nomad has also announced the inclusion of SKINTEC technology to a range of its boards. Released last year, the multi-layered polymer composition had only been released in a handful of boards, but Nomad’s giving Skintec a much wider berth in its range in 2014.


More from the fellas there, “SKINTEC is the most advanced compression cell technology ever developed for professional bodyboarding. The muti-layered polymer composition allows for the skin to absorb pressure and impact compressions, creating increased strength and recoil, which makes for a more responsive performance board.” If you wanna know more check out the rad video released by Rob Sherwood and SKINTEC’s developer Jarrod Gibson last year (skip to 2:12 specifically).

Shaping the way [feat. SKINTEC]

The combo of SKINTEC and the new PRS will be available in Nomad’s SUPREME Series, which includes the new Chris James, Michael Novy, Matt Lackey and updated FSD Supreme Models.


The 2014/15 range will begin hitting Australian stores from July 1. For more info check out: