One hour with a strumpet

Stone, Clarke, Sharp and co. in a gallery at one of Oz’s most photographed booging waves.
Above: Unknown nabs one from the bigwigs (or is it a bigwig?). Photo: James Campbell

This reefbreak on the South Coast of New South Wales is another of those that can be easy to become desensitised to. Happens to the best of ’em – Pipeline, Teahupo’o, Shark Island, Aussie Pipe… I think a good portion of us can admit to at least once having to remind ourselves of the insane perfection or mutant heaviness we’re staring at after about the three-minute mark of a clip on one of said waves.

And on that note, here are some more shots of a wave that’s been photographed a million times! But seriously, there’s a reason why waves like this one are documented so frequently, and this one in particular is as conducive to getting airborne on a bodyboard as any in the world.

The photographer of this quaint little gallery – all shot in an hour earlier this  month – is a young Sydney photographer by the name of James Campbell. You can find more of the lad’s work on his Facebook page:
His blog:
Or by giving him a share on the ‘Gram: @jamescampbellphotography

IMG 0082
IMG 0083
Above: Jake Stone, forward air.
IMG 0404-2
IMG 0439
Above: Jake Stone power game.
IMG 0681
IMG 0185
IMG 9416
IMG 9459
IMG 9509
IMG 9519
Above: take-off and reverse,  Joe Clarke
IMG 9749
Above: Cade Sharp
IMG 9824-2
Above: Jake Stone invert.