Hubboards (The Movie)

The online world premiere is coming to Riptide on August 5! We chatted to Jeff Hubbard about the film.
Above: Hubb punts an Indonesian ARS while his bro, Dubb, watches on from the channel. Photo: Ray Collins (from the pages of Riptide #200)

That’s right, your favourite world title-collecting Kauaian brothers Jeff and Dave Hubbard have made a Hubboards board brand film, and you can see it right here exclusively on the Riptide site with the online world premiere on Tuesday, August 5. Click here for the movie’s mini site, where you’ll get to watch the film and find out more details. But for now we’ll bring you a chat with had with Jeff last week about the film. Get excited!

hubb-movie dubb-dk
Who else is amped to watch Dubb obliterate sections like this – prone, DK and standup? Photo: Ray Collins

Riptide: OK, so we’re just as in the dark as the rest of our readers at the moment – what’s the name of the film and what can we expect from it?
Jeff: [Laughs] Yeah, we’ve been keeping it as low-key as possible on purpose. As is the case with films and art, too many expectations can turn out negative. It’s better to just let people form their own opinions of it, as their reactions and impressions are more authentic that way. We didn’t give it a fancy name, it’s just clean and simple “Hubboards” (The Movie). 

Where did the idea to make a film come about and why did you decide to invest in it?
I was in the Canaries last year, training for the final event of the World Tour since I had a good chance to win another World Title, and it seemed as though the turmoil of the tour might lead to a need to explore different marketing options. So I made the decision to pour our marketing resources in to this film. It also goes along with our brand’s core values – having fun, benefiting the bodyboard community, giving back, and inspiring future generations. Having been a part of the No Friends generation, I know how much power a video can have. Also, since we were into our second year as a brand, I was really looking for new ways to let people know about what this Hubboards thing is all about.

hubb-move hubb-barrel

Hubb. Indo. Issue 200. Photo: Ray Collins

Tell us about the process involved with making a film like this, for those of us who would have no idea. Is there much planning involved, is it a costly exercise, what are some of the logistical problems and stuff you come up against, etc.? How long did it take to complete?
The process is super fun, but is an immense challenge for sure. We’ve had a lot of experience with traveling and filming over the years, but when you’re orchestrating your team and crew of guys to make something special happen in a limited amount of time things do get stressful. It takes some serious planning, last-minute heroics and nerves of steel to make the right call. I mean, each overseas video trip you take is upwards of $5000-$6000, so it’s not for the faint of heart. I got home from the Canaries, called Dave and we went straight into our first trip to Mau’i on November 14. We videoed off and on in Hawaii all winter and finished our last trip in Tahiti June 14, so it was eight months off-and-on filming and planning. The major hurdles involved in projects like this are money, as everyones resources are finite. The second is swell and waves, which we all know can be fickle. For example, even if there’s swell you may not catch the right waves. I felt like I didn’t get any real good Pipe waves this year. I mean, I had some good Backdoor ones, but for some reason the good Pipe waves really eluded me and I live here! Dave, on the other hand, rode awesome Pipe waves in all the very short stints he was on island. The third is time frames, as you need to set exact dates otherwise you’d just keep waiting indefinitely for the perfect waves. 

Where did the filming of the film take you guys around the world? What was your favourite destination you travelled to in making it, and why?
We filmed on location on the North Shore, Maui, Java, Mexico, and Tahiti. It was so hard to pick a favourite because we had so much fun everywhere we went. Great people on every trip with smiles and adventures all over.

Hubb, all smiles about ze project. Photo: Ray Collins

Who else stars in the movie?
The main stars of the show are the Hubb edition and Dubb edition board models! [Laughs] There are a few little cameos here and there, but it’s 99 per cent Dave and I riding.

How will the finished product differ from other recent filmsy?
Both Dave and I have extensive video production knowledge from Boogie Nation and No Friends respectively, so we knew we wanted to create a film people could watch over and over again and get amped to go ride waves and smile while they watched it. That was the main concept we aimed for. Our artistic flare focused on minimisation so to speak; less equated to more. We didn’t want our video to be full of talking or end up boring folks, so we just focused on showcasing good riding.

What films were you guys amped on growing up, and even more recently? In what ways did these shape how you wanted the Hubboards film to turn out?
Dave and I both started out watching Kaua’i Classic videos. These were videos of the Kaua’i Classic team surfing around our home and they got us both amped on the sport. Then Scotty Carter’s films and No Friends, of course, were life-changing videos.  All these films gave us the foundation to create the type of film we were happy with.

hubb-move dubbportrait
The enigmatic Dave Hubbard. Photo: Ray Collins

Who has filmed it, who’s edited the film and generally who else has helped you put it together?
Matt Tanaka did the majority of the filming and all the editing. He’s our brand’s artistic coordinator and has been with us since day one. I got some good advice from Brian Stoker along the way that really helped shape this video. Also, Dave and I worked along side Matt every day of the editing process to ensure our vision of the video would come to life.

What are you most proud of about it?
I’m most proud of the fact that we all created something we’re really happy with that will put smiles on people’s faces.

Was this a one-off thing you’ve always wanted to do, or the perhaps the start of a series of films?
That is a great question. Since I’m still in the middle of the organisation of it all, I can’t tell you what’s next for Hubboards – more videos, more world titles or both…who knows?