Big Blue: Part 1

First of a two-part series featuring some familiar faces exploring in Southern Australia.
Limited Edition presents Big Blue: Part 1, filmed and edited by Michael Jennings.

Jennings describes his new 2 part series:

“Travelling to South Australia is always significant to me, having growing up there in my younger years. And on this trip over it was a great crew – a bunch of guys who have spent so much of their time dedicated to finding new waves and really pushing the envelope. This trip was never going to disappoint.

On these types of exploratory trips you pack like sardines into vehicles loaded with humans and gear and then drive for hours into the desert to surf these places. On arrival the water is dark and scary and who knows what is lurking below. When you think about it, it is a lot of hard work.

But the moment you see these guys slide into something that has never been ridden or documented before, time seems to stand still and you are in the best place on earth.”

Big Blue features Chris James, Damien Martin, Matt Young, Mitch Tonkins & Graham Miller

Big Blue: Part 2 coming soon.