Wallpaper No. 230

Ben Veitch, WA – photo by Chris GurneyIt’s been a while since this wave has seen the light of day in print and who better to tackle the Western Australian behemoth than Ben Veitch? “Considering Veitchy’s six-foot-five it’s a massive wave,” photographer Chris Gurney says. “It was the first time he’d been there and this was his first one. The wave has a crazy dry shelf directly in front of the channel where you pull off. By dry I don’t mean shallow, I mean a bone-dry extension of the headland in front. I’d told Veitch about it, but I don’t think he was really prepared for just how crazy it looks. When Veitchy got whipped into this it looked like a perfect one so he faded to get deeper, but it ended up having two major steps. He handled the first, but just as he got to the bottom he hit the bigger of the two and it was curtains. He landed the drop, but stopped dead in the water and went straight over with the lip.” Needless to say, Veitchy missed the rocks, survived and paddled out for a few more.