Still the one?

Isabela Sousa takes flight in the Canaries.
Emerald Bodyboard Specialists DAILY FRAME: Globetrotting three-time World Champ Isabela Sousa was in the Canary Islands last month and from the shots we’ve seen she didn’t disappoint – this tasty boost being one of her throwaway images from the trip. The Brazilian was today named as one of the Top 5 in the Riptide Women’s Bodyboarder of the Year (well, duh) and the question remains whether she can pull off another title or be usurped by those snapping at her heels – Lilly Pollard, Emma Cobb, Alexandra Rinder or Jessica Becker. Find out this Friday, December 5 at our awards night in Sydney. More info and tickets, click here.

Photo: Carlos Padilla