Danger zone

Is Itacoatiara the most dangerous beach in Brazil?
That is the question Brazil’s Prone Mediah poses with its new clip – two minutes and 26 of some fucked-up moments from the Brazo boogie haven. We don’t have much knowledge of other Brazilian locales, but going on this footage we’d have to say it’d be right up there, wouldn’t you? Can you imagine these kinda conditions for the annual World Tour comp there? Which beach do you think would take the mantle as “most dangerous” in Australia?

While we’ve got you – Prone Mediah’s also released a clip pitting two waves against each other for a battle of “most insane” pit at Itacoatiara’s infamous slab, Shock. It looks like they’ll be releasing a few of these, but for now give the below clip a spin and see whether you reckon Dudu Pedra or Guilherme CorrĂȘa takes the cake in Round 1.

Shock Dual #1.