Riptide #202

And it’s a banger.

202 Cover stack

How fitting that a front-page image of a mysto new discovery be shaped like a gigantic question mark! Damien Martin and Rod Owen making magic happen at Wild Hogs. The tale and imagery surrounding this incredible session – along with Chris James and Matt Young – begins on page 24. Photo:

In this issue:

202 hogs1
202 hogs2

Wild Hogs
 – Another day, another discovery for bodyboarding’s most ardent explorers

202 west1202 west2

Lessons in the West – Davis Blackwell, Lewy Finnegan and George Humphreys and the men who paved the way

202 hardy1
202 hardy2

Crossing the Bridge – Ryan Hardy is moving on, but in what direction?

202 shaggy

51 Hours – A swashbuckling tale of perfect tubes, adventure and losing your scalp

202 tahiti1
202 tahiti2

Dreamweaver – Four mates get their first achingly anticipated taste of French Polynesia

202 icon1
202 icon2

Isn’t it Iconic – Forgotten images of men that shaped bodyboarding

202 holland

Flicking the Switch – The fast times and exceptional talent of Ben Holland


One of a kind – Australia’s sole Women’s World Champ, Kira Llewellyn, checks the rear-view
Coach Hardballs – Using footage and images to get the best out of your surfing
The First Time That I – With Ben Veitch, 25, Margaret River
Paradise on Earth – The Maldives to become the World Tour’s most pristine stop yet?
The Fighter – Ben McCullock on bodyboarding and punching people’s lights out for a living

BONUS! A MASSIVE DOUBLE SIDED POSTER Featuring Pierre Louis Costes and Chris James!