In vogue

Older shot, but a fresh talent – Renan Faccini in Brazil.
DAILY FRAME: This isn’t the freshest or unpublish-est of shots – which usually kills an image’s chances of us sharing it – but Renan “The Crow” Faccini was cleaning out his hard drives and passed it along – how could we not pass it on to you guys? The past 18 months have been kind to the tattooed Brazilian, scoring an interview and a few shots in an Aussie mag and later getting a cameo spot in the year’s biggest film, Passing Through. He finished 2014 by being voted by our readers in the Top 25 bodyboarders in the world in Riptide’s Bodyboarder of the Year Award (although he did much worse in the Peer Poll component), which ruffled a few feathers, particularly when guys like Michael Novy, Chris James and Joe Clarke narrowly missed out. But while some Australians were miffed at Renan’s inclusion it’s undeniable that he surfs with flair and with a social media following topping close to 20k followers on both Facebook and Instagram (and with a shiny new website) – not to mention a neck tattoo that reads “Menace to Society” – you’re always going to draw people’s attention.