Got Wax?

Epic wax is here and it's... Epic.

There’s a new kid on the wax block.

We recently got our hands on some new wax from the guys Intricate Shockwave called ‘Epic Boodyboard Wax’ and it really does live up to its name.

Epic Bodyboard Wax comes in three different types, Bodyboard, Dropknee and a Multi Wax suitable any water craft that requires solid traction.

We tried the bodyboard Wax and the first thing that you notice is how damn good it smells! We had opened the Bubble Gum sceneted one (also comes in Vanilla Coconut & Caramel bliss) and it took us right back to our grommy days with the purple Hubba Bubba.

Besides the awesome smell, we were immediately impressed with the way it went on. It gave a nice thin, even coat and wasn’t lumpy or tough to apply. It went on smooth and you could put on as much or little as took your fancy.

The performance in the water is great. It gives great grip with without being overly sticky or melty in the sun, and it’s pretty forgiving on the skin. Depending on how thick you go with the wax, you will probably have to re-coat each surf, but this can also be a good thing as there is nothing worse than old yellow gunky hard wax.

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Re-coat time
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