Caleb Graham Films 2015

Beautiful scenes around Oz with some booging because, why not?
Videographer/cinematographer/grom-with-a-camera showreels are hit or miss – for every stunning visual journey you’ll find on the internets, there’s an equal amount of mediocre – shaky minutes of crumbly empties and seagulls. Luckily North Coast NSW-based cinematographer Caleb is in the former category. You might recognise some of his recent work in the enthralling Ocean Talk series (feat. Dave Winchester, Winston McCall and Darius Devas) last year, as well as a bunch of stuff with Parkway Drive. The booging is light on in this clip, but there’s enough in there to get your juices flowing – particularly a rotund slab containing Yamba’s Luke Morgan, and a monster Mitch Rawlins air forward. Check out some more of Caleb’s recent stuff here.