Bodyboarding for your radio! This week’s guest is Free Surf World Tour’s Danny Bycroft.
We made a podcast! Yes, bodyboarding now has its very own radio show in which Riptide Editor Jake Dean and Publisher Dave Heavyside talk shit about all things bodyboarding with a special guest each episode. To kick off the new show we spoke to Danny Bycroft, co-founder of the progressive new kid on the block in bodyboarding competition – the Free Surf Bodyboarding World Tour. How does the FSB work and why did Danny (and Liam O’Toole) start it? When can we expect to see the first competition clips from Europe? Is our podcast good or a steaming pile of crap? All of these questions will be revealed inside. Click play on the player below or give The Riptide Bodyboarding Podcast a spin on iTunes.

Let us know what you thought of Episode 1 and if there’s anyone you’d love us to chat to moving forward give us a yell – we’ll try to get them on the show for a future ep.

Show notes:

[4:00] IBA World Tour highlights 2011
[4:50] 2012 Fronton Pro final day
[5:39] 2011 Fronton Pro final day
[8:09] IBA to APB?
[9:38] What is the Free Surf Bodyboarding World Tour?
[13:45] Free Surf Bodyboarding World Tour website
[22:55] APB Tour 2015
[25:50] Free Surf Bodyboarding European leg
[27:28] Free Surf Bodyboarding North American leg
[33:40] Free Surf Bodyboarding World Tour Facebook page