Club update – February 2015

Bodyboard clubs all around Australia have kicked off the 2015 season with most rounds being completed over the past couple of weekends.


North Bodyboard Club


North’s first comp of the year was greeted with 3 foot bowls north of the pier coming off an early high tide.  It was A bit bumpy and wind effected but there were fun ones to be had although conditions unfortunately deteriorated leading into the finals as the tide got lower.

Stand out surfers of the day were Grant Davis and Liam Baker. Dante Da Costa was ripping as always, showing humility and maturity on land and in water as he made it look easy to rip all up and down The Spit. Kid is going places.

Jackson Galwey managed to win two divisions and also got the highest wave score of the day with a lofty invert.

The final of the ‘Boys’ division was close between 2nd and 3rd as Ben Smith and Tim Crisp battled it out with only half a point separating their respective end results.

Stay tuned to thier Facebook page for more info.

Round Results:


1st – Jackson Galwey
2nd – Ned Swan


1st – Grant Davis
2nd – Liam Baker
3rd – Ty Ross
4th – Craig Phillips


1st – Jackson Galwey
2nd – Ned Swan
3rd – Dante Da Costa
4th – Locky Ottley


1st – Dante Da Costa
2nd – Ben Smith
3rd – Tim Crisp
4th – MJ Glass

Next Comp: March 15 

Gold Coast Bodyboard Club

The GCBC have just had thier sign-on day and will be announcing details shortly. stay tuned to thier Facebook page.

Sunshine Coast Bodyboard Club

SCBC are all set to go for thier first comp of the year coming up on the 14th of March. More details on thier Facebook page.



The Northern NSW crew have had a couple of rounds already this year and we are waiting on some results from them, but here are a couple of images from the first comp of the year.

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All photos thanks to Pete Paton. 

Coffs Coast Bodyboarding Association

CCBA are kicking off the year on April the 19th. Stay tuned to thier Facebook page for more info.

Port Macquarie Bodyboarders

If anyone has info for the the PMBA please get in touch! send en email to

Forster Tuncurry Bodyboard Association

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Forster Tuncurry Bodyboarders held their first round of the year on the 22nd February and would like to extend a big welcome to all our new members and families.

Wild seas and ugly weather were the forecast ‎thanks to Cyclone Marcia. Competition kicked off at Forster Main Beach Wall break wall with 3ft+ heavy wedges. Juniors and Open Mens hit the water first, finding some clean lines early ‎until the SE winds, incoming tide, building swell and thick Red weed dominated the talk on land. After some consistent rouge heavy closeouts, the competition was packed up and relocated to Tuncurry Beach. 

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The incoming tide had done wonders for the break with some bigger cleaner A Frames and consistent Off The Wall barrels and 2-3 linking manoeuvres.

FTBA President Aaron Dodds getting one of the bigger ones of the day. Photo Tre Mesk. 

 Some big names in Juniors and Opens were bumped early which opened the way for some new faces progressing through semi’s and into Finals. The conditions were quite testing throughout the day, with some hard paddles and struggles to find the right waves amongst the washing machine like conditions. Congratulations to all competitors on the day.

Waves of the day – Adam Cheers scored 10’s in Dk and Prone.
– Open Mens Semi with set wave forward spin, little cover up, raced the lined to smash out a huge ARS.
– DK Final with small hack, setting the line for a MASSIVE DK floater‎ with a perfect landing. 

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Massive thanks to Greg Hill, Mullet, Craig Smith, Jane Dunn ‎and all members/parents whom helped with set up, pack up X 2. 

Our senior judges were very impressed with the Selmes boys and Mitch in the judging tent. 

Raw Edge Photography spent some serious time in the very fast flowing water capturing some quality images and Eve Albury on land documenting our day, please show your respect and appreciation by liking and sharing the images. Massive thank you. 

We have some amazing Sponsors and please remember, the more we support them the more they will support us!

Round 1 Results. 

Groms ‎(Under 14yrs of age)

1st Ben Selmes
2nd Joel Selmes
‎3rd Mitch Welstead
4th Jack Rogers 

 Juniors (Under 18yrs of age)

1st Jeremy Coombes 
2nd Grant Gardner 
3rd Jacob Dunn
‎4th Tye Aurisch 

Open Men

1st Adam Cheers
2nd Jake Ligtenberg 
3rd Brody Hill
4th Jacob Dunn

Drop Knee

1st Adam Cheers
2nd Jake Ligtenberg 
3rd Kallan Bragg
4th Josh Aurisch 

Masters (Over 30yrs of age)

1st Ben Fletcher
2nd Aaron Dodds
3rd Craig Smith
4th Daniel Smith 

Next Events:

FTBA Social evening and meeting 15th March @ The Bellevue Hotel 

FTBA Rnd 2 Sunday 29th March. For more pics and info head over thier Facebook Page. 

Port Stephens District Bodyboarders

PSDB run thier club events over the finacial year, so thye are up to round seven which was held at Box Beach on the 22nd of February.
they  were greeted with Solid 3-5 foot with the odd rogue set. The paddle out was testing for all competitors. A massive effort was put in by the groms to put their fears aside and chase a slab. A huge effort as usual was made by Tom Parker, helping with pack up and setup then finishing the day surfing 3 finals in a row.
They also welcomed 2 new groms to the club – Taraq Hall and Mason Barr
Results as follows:


1st Taraq Hall
2nd Mason Barr
3rd Tristan Sheedy
4th Damon Daly
A solid effort by all groms – Well done guys

1st Tom Parker
2nd Denver Perfrement
3rd Jack Foster

1st Kane Brewer
2nd Dylan Williams
3rd Tom Parker
4th Izzack Pettit

1st Drew Sheedy
2nd Aaron Burke
3rd Adam Foster
4th Jamie Foster

1st  Kane Brewer
2nd Daniel Ankeney
3rd Tom Parker
4th Cameron Dwyer
Move of the day went to Daniel Ankeney for a finely tweaked invert.
Surfer of the day went to Tom Parker for his massive effort.

To find out more hit up thier Facebook page.

Newcastle Bodyboard Club

NBC had a cracking start to 2015. Signing up over 60 people, this year is thier biggest yet, what an amazing effort for the Newy bodyboarding community!

Words from Chris Thornton:

“There were lot of new faces young and old, guys and girls, it was a day of firsts, first time we’ve ever had to wait to see if we were going to have cancel due to sharks, first time I’ve ever seen NBC run 2 banks, first time we’ve run a women’s division (the Gillette girls have got some competition), and the first time in ages that we’ve had a solid DK showing. So stoked with all these developments and just goes to show how strong the sport is and the support it has in Newcastle. Some stand-outs for the day were from a few of our new members, Aleasha Gallagher coming in second in the women’s division, Grant H bringing the froth and Tom Frame and Ryan Duck in the dk. Couple that with some wicked riding from Pat Sandall and Mitch Samways, and it made for some great viewing.

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Photos Funktacula Fotography

Round Results:


1st Clay Murphy
2nd Hayden Cruickshank


1st Noah Richards
2nd Kye Jefferson
3rd clay Murphy
4th Brandon Legiovich


1st Tom Frame
2nd Ryan duck
3rd Sam Berehns
4th Robb Holmes


1st Sam Berehns
2nd Wade Boeree
3rd Paul Mace
4th Grant H


1st Shauna Gillette
2nd Sam Gillette
3rd Teigan Gillette
4th Aleisha


1st Hayden Amos
2nd Jacob Casolari
3rd Harry Simpson


1st Patt Sandall
2nd Mitch Samways
3rd Jess Landrigan

Stay tuned to thier Facebook Page for more info during the year.

Central Coast Bodyboarders Club

The CCBB crew are having thier first comp this weekend the 8th or March which you can find all the details about over on thier facebook page. Good luck to everyone!

Maroubra Bodyboarders 

MBB are going to be launching into 2105 soon, and are having signup days during the coming weeks. To get involved head to thier facebook page.

Sydney Bodyboard Club

SBC have kicked off the year in style with thier first comp just taking place over the weekned. Here is snippet from thier facebook page which you can check out to find some more info.

“It was great that everyone helped out on the day. It makes things so much easier. Well done to all the Groms that competed – such a close final! Ewan Donnachie (guest tallier) couldn’t split it till the 3rd countback! Congrats to all the winners. See y’all at Whaley on April 5th for the next one!”

Full Results List:

Tricky conditions made it hard for some competitors. Perfect day to introduce grommets to competition. Congrats to all winners:


1st Noah Chandler
2nd Sam Le Geyt
3rd Tom Kelsey
4th Misha Evstigneer


1st Jack Wood
2nd Trent Alleyne
3rd Ben Welsh
4th Jack Evstigneer

1st Joe Morton
2nd Mikael Prbcevic


1st Ewan Donnachie
2nd Pascoe Jennings
3rd Dan Worsley
4th Josh Kleve 
5th Simon Baker


1st Danny Kaurinovic
2nd Luke Shearer
3rd Dominc Long
4th Kieran Adshead


1st Ryan Cuthbert
2nd Josh Kleve
3rd Luke Elliott
4th Luke Shearer

Cronulla Bodyboard Club

The Shark Island boys are well and truly into the swing of things with thier next comp on the 8th of March. Check out thier Facebook for more info or head into Emerald Surf City to find out more.

Woolongong Bodyboarders

The mad crew down at the ‘Gong are gearing up for thier first comp of the year on the 15th of March. Get amongst the action on thier facebook page.


Mornington Peninsuala Bodyboard Club

So much for some time off over summer for the team at MPBC! They have been making the most of the warm water conditions and great waves down south to complete most of thier season already! They have thier final comp plus presentation night coming up on the 28th of March. To find out more, jump on over to thier Facebook page.


Southern Tasmania Bodyboard Club

We haven’t heard much from these guys for 2015, so if you have any info then drop us a line at


South Australian Bodyboard Club

Dylan Beach and the team down at Knights are about to kick off the year, with the first comp due for Saturday the 21st of March. To find out more head to thier Facebook page.


South West Bodyboard Club

Sunday, March 1st saw the first round presented by Ryan Hardy Bodyboarding School. Held at Torpedo Rocks in the Yallingup area we managed to score some 2-3 ft wedges which keep the 50 odd punters frothing for the day.

SWBC Group Shot 2
Couple of Big ones rolling through in u14s
Morning Setup Including Beach Backdrop

Results were as follows


1st Shae Davis 
2nd Finn Reid 
3rd Aiden Hotker

u14s winners photo


1st Brad Harrington
2nd Henry Gibson
3rd Jack Humberstone
4th Kai Townsend

u16s winners photo


1st Jayden Eastcot 
2nd Lochie Breake 
3rd Kyle Eastcott 
4th Aaron Waters

u18s winners photo

Open Mens

1st Kyle Ward 
2nd Jake Metcalfe 
3rd Steve Allen 
4th Owen Fenton

Open Mens Winners Photo

Open Womens

1st Lauren Williams
2nd Kia Humberstone
3rd Eilesha Lucas 
4th Sara Jupp 
5th Zooey Walker

Womens Finals Winners Photo

Vets (over30s)

1st Cain Humberstone
2nd Kristia Hausler
3rd Darren Hotker
4th Michael Steele

VETS Winners Photo


1st Hardballs
2nd Jakke Metcalfe
3rd Jesse King
4th Steve Allen

On Monday the club had thier second Bunnings Sausage sizzle fundraiser which brought in some big dollars. This fundraiser will go part towards water safety at the events in the Yallingup area.

Club president Darren is extremely happy with the start to the year. “Pumped on this cub. Sick day with a great crew as always. Grass Roots is back and back in a strong way….. for good in the South West!!!!!” 

All photos besides the one marked “photo’ by MS Photo (Mark Steele). The DK one marked Photo is by Steve Allen.

Mandurah Bodyboard Club

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The Mandurah Bodyboard Club had its first round of the year a few weeks ago and conditions were pretty contestable don’t you think? Young-gun Jake Metcalfe (pictured above) took out first place, with Dan Steel and Callum Layton in second and third.

The day kicked off to everyone arriving at the wedge with some perfect conditions and waves to match. With riders coming from as far north as Yanchep and from as south as Margaret River, everyone was keen to score them selves a place in the competitions. AA division was in the water first followed by AAA then A division, with some standout performances on the day coming from Dan Steele, Tom Mainwaring, Jake Metcalfe and Coby Edwards. With clean conditions hanging around until mid afternoon it was a great day to be in the water and enjoying the first round of MBC. We’d like to give a big thanks to our sponsors Star Surf and Skate and Subway for making this great day possible. Stay tuned on our page for details on our upcoming events, with the next round of competition only 2 weeks away. Yew!
A division     

1st Tom Mainwaring     
2nd Coby Edwards     
3rd Brad Harrington    
4th Henry Gibson
AA division     

1st Dan Steele    
2nd Blake Gerrard     
3rd Max Calegari
AAA division    

1st Jake Metcalfe     
2nd Dan Steele    
3rd Callum Layton    
4th Stephen Dodd

1st Matt Rakitch     
2nd Callum Layton     
3rd Sophian Manik     
4th Stephen Dodd 

1511331 1559001744383207 7397924662578424905 n
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10991204 1559002071049841 773003571341903715 n
All photos Julian Polglase.

They have had to reschedule the second round due to the ABA Tour event, so check the facebook page for regular updates. 


If you’re club has any news or information or we have missed something huge, please get in touch with us at Cheers!