Headlanders – RD. 2 – 1st March 2015

Small but clean conditions made for some good scores in the second comp of the year.

Photo: Pete Paton

**As reported from their facebook page**

Jake Sthapit made the call “Let’s do it @ Brunz South Wall as the banks are fun !” Good call Jake 
as not much was happening elsewhere and the waves DID produce some good scores.

Results were : 

1. Orion Murphy 
2. Jaiya Vrab 
3. Dayan Wade-Caulder
4 Orlando Hutson 

1. Jai Huntley 
2. Finn Shaw 
3. Shaun Booth 
4. Max Miekle 

1. Grif Lane 
2. Jake Sthapit 
3. Todd Gallagher 
4. Liam Veselis

– Grif Lane scored a 7.0 with a great backflip in his first heat. 
– Todd Gallagher a 6.5 with a barrel/spin in his second heat. 
– Jai Huntley a 6.8 with an ARS in the Cadets final to take him from 2nd to 1st with 30 seconds 
to go.

– Todd Gallagher with a 0.5 when he did that perfect take off but proceeded to accidently 
throw his board out in front of him – it’s bodyboarding, not bodysurfing Todd ! 
– Jake Hayes with a “We’re not sure where Jake was today ?” It just waasn’t your day Jake.

– Liam Veselis in Juniors – as he has started the year with a clean sweep. 
– All the Cadets as they are mixing it up with great combosand there’s no clear winner. 
– Orion and Jaiya are leading in Groms but the others are catching up fast. 
– Grif and Jake in Opens bounce off each other and push for more all the time.

– Oh Todd – he threw his fist in the air, claimed the wave like it was a champion barrel when 
he was just rinsing his left ear in the whitewash and then instead of dropping in he just throws 
his board in. The saga continues.

Thanx to Grif and Todd for the tent on and off the beach, Peter for the photos and Kaye for 
just being little Miss Organiser.

We’re here for a good time, not a long time – SHARKS ? WHAAAAT SHARKS ??

Frank, the Mayan. 
We love Headiesโ€ฆ

See more photos over at thier facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/headlanders?fref=ts