Club update 19th March 2015

Some great waves were had over the weekend.

Last weekend produced some great conditions for clubs around the country. With the NSW State Titles happening in Newcastle, many of the NSW clubs had a weekend off. Here are the results from the rest:


Wollongong Bodyboarders Club 

Round one wrap with Jason McCarthy, Club President. 

“Wollongong Bodyboarders Club held our first comp on Sunday at Werri beach Gerringong. Forst-five-knot south winds turned the conditions from near-flat to three-foot wind-chop. Not to mention the strong rip sweeping Liam Tomkins and Matt Eggins somewhere near NZ before they returned to the shorebreak to score some points. The top moves definitely go to Matt Eggins’ air rev after his heat, Josh Nabbe’s flip into very shallow water, and Liam Douglas with a very solid DK floater on the inside. Luke Clements also showed some good balance walking across the rocks after losing the battle against the never-ending tread machine 😉 guess that’s what happens when you stay up too late night before the comp!” 



1st Josh Devall

2nd Josh Nabbe
3rd Blake Taylor
4th Jamie Kirkwood
5th Matt Eggins


1st Liam Douglas

2nd Dane Little
3rd Bryce Muger
4th Oliver Hirst


1st Jye Paring

2nd Adrian Avello
3rd Declan Clough


1st Liam Douglas

2nd Liam Tomkins
3rd Blake Taylor


North Bodyboard Club

Report from club president – Steve Lloyd

Our second comp of the year was awesome. We were greeted with three-to-four-foot clean ramps on the south side of the pumping jetty. The wind was offshore, the banks were epic and the sun was out. Perfect.

The Boys division was put on hold as we ran Men’s first this time and the first heat in the water got stuck straight in. Liam Baker, Casey Redden and Daniel Rosengreen were ripping. Barrels and boosts back-to-back. It was Daniel’s first contest with us and he landed a solid flip that left the judges screaming from the sand. Casey got the highest scoring wave of the day with a nice barrel and an army of tight turns, spins and solid rolls that’d make Ben Player nervous. (It should be noted that Corey Gornall had the highest wave score of the day until Daniel did his massive flip. Casey then took the title on the very next wave).

The Boys and Youths were all ripping and there were some really tight heats. Count-backs were consistently being drawn and the Elite final had just 1.5 seperating the top three. Standouts for the day were Liam Baker, Casey Redden, Locky Ottley, Corey Gornall, Jackson Gelway and young Dante Da Costa. Dante won Boys’ Round 1 and a nice bodyboard for his efforts. The winner of the Elite division was to be given the board this comp, however the winner (Liam Baker) is too tall and nice to take it home with him and donated to Dante for winning Boys again. The kid will have to get another room to hold all his boards and trophies soon as he surfs amazing for his age and the short length of time he has been riding the boogie for. Well done, Dante and Liam.

The day ran smoothly thanks to all the following people for all their awesome help and support:

Ryan Smyth Photgraphy for suppling all the photos. Ryan will be at every comp this year and is also keen to shoot from the water when given the chance. Check the kid’s website out. It’s pretty rad.

Taz Harnett got stuck behind the lens also and is a creative lad. Keep an eye out for the Round 2 video coming soon!

Tony and Sylvia washed our rashies, filmed, helped carry so much stuff, but also put on a smorgasbord of food for the judges and competitors alike. The little chocolate balls were enough to make people join who didn’t even ride a bodyboard. Yum!

Liam Baker and Luke Gornall were helping out with judging and spotting ALL day. It’s a monster effort in between surfing and to also carry so much gear back to the NBC trailer is the biggest help ever. Josh and Casey helped out too and it’s very appreciated. Cheers, lads.

Kaylee is pretty and our tabulator, spotter, music girl and club organiser. Epic effort. You go, girlfriend!

Without these people the club wouldn’t run anywhere near as successfully as it does. Thank you all so very much!



1- Corey Gornall
2- Armani Da Costa
3- Max Crisp


1- Dante Da Costa
2- Locky ottley
3- Ben Smith
4- Corey Gornall


1- Locky Ottley
2- Claye Harnett
3- Jackson Gelway
4- CJ Hartland


1- Casey Redden
2- Daniel Rosengreen
3- Nathan Minter
4- Liam Baker


1- Liam Baker
2- Casey Redden
3- Jackson Galwey
4- Locky Ottley
5- Ned Swan

Thanks again to all! See you for Round 3 on April 19! It’s not too late to join, but get in fast because numbers really are filling up and you don’t want to miss out on missing crucial end-of-year points. Please contact

Gold Coast Bodyboard Club

Round 1 wrap up with Club President, Luke Jackson.

The day kicked off with a clean three-to-four-foot swell and offshore winds, and they continued right through the afternoon until turning a little straight (not forgetting the strong rip proving a challenge to all competitors). With so many members surfing well that I can’t possibly mention them all. Standouts in each division include Juniors: Taj Springfield with an impressive win. Groms: Oliver Carrick. Cadets: Buzz Vander Waal. Men’s: Damien Slockee. DK: Dave Winchester. Opens: Joseph Clarke and Rohan Chu. Masters: Luke Jackson. Grand Masters: Jeremry Thackenwell. Well done, boys!
Big shout-out to all the help on the day, including Susy Bouyer, Brett McAskill, Rebecca Luff, Katrina Springfield, Justin Becker, Tom Harvey, Shane Reilly, Jess O’Reilly and Shane Griffiths. Plus, of course, all the judges and everyone helping set up and pack up.
Don’t forget the DBah Pro and Pro Junior is only a few weeks away (April 10-12). Entries are available at:


1st Joe Clarke
2nd Elliot Williams
3rd Noah Aubort
4th Rohan Chu
5th Theo Hinchliffe
6th Dave Winchester


1st Mick Parkhill
1st Shane Griffiths
3rd Joe Clarke
3rd Dave Winchester


1st Justin Becker – Masters
2nd Jeremry Thackenwell – Masters
3rd Graeme Ellis
4th Brett McAskill


1st Luke Jackson
2nd Shane Reilly
3rd Andrew Brazenall
4th Justin Becker
5th Michael Capilli


1st Joel Cockeram
2nd Brett Dalton
3rd Damien Slockee
4th Dylan Luke


1st Taj Springfield
2nd Jack Cahill
3rd Noah De Valence
4th Jamie Raines
5th Sam Vrbanic


1st Buzz Vander Waal
2nd Matthew Whitelock
3rd Jai Smith
4th Santo Vander Waal
5th Jye Barton


1st Santo Vander Waal
2nd Oliver Carrick
3rd Buzz Vander Waal
4th Blake Reisen-Weber
5th Jordan Whitelock
6th Caleb Capilli
See you all Round 2 – April 19 at Duranbah Beach.

Cheers everyone!