Jeff Hubbard spills the beans on No Friends returning, Guilherme Tamega, sore nuts & more!
After our first two episodes of the Riptide Bodyboarding Podcast featured Aussie special guests (Free Surf World Tour head Danny Bycroft and Newcastle’s finest Dallas Singer) we thought it was time to give the show some international flair – and who bigger on the world stage than three-time World Champ Jeff Hubbard of Kauai!

In this episode we talk to Jeff about how this Hawaii season rated, the possible return of No Friends, the competitive animal that is Guilherme Tamega, the elusive 720 air forward, the Hubboards brand, sore nads and much, much more! Thanks for listening.

Show notes:

[2:20] Winter on the North Shore, with Andre Botha
[4:10] Jake Stone in Hawaii
[5:35] Iain Campbellโ€™s Hawaii season
[9:05] South Coast Mobile Challenge 2012
[9:50] Guilherme Tamega retires
[15:50] Guilherme Tamega Arica Chilean Challenge 2011
[16:35] IBA Tour 2011 highlights
[17:30] Hubboards (The Movie)
[24:50] Paul Roach in No Friends 1
[26:38] Holding On, upcoming Skid Kids documentary, Facebook page
[27:33] Stainless steel ribcage in Hubbโ€™s Mexican Dream
[29:35] Ben Player injured in Ireland
[31:50] Jeff Hubbard, 720 air forward attempt, from Riptide 2014 Biggest Move of the Year nominees
[34:20] Jake Stone double loop attempt, from Riptide 2014 Biggest Move of the Year nominees
[44:15] Puerto Rican bodyboarder Jorge Tirado takes nine-month-old son bodyboarding
[45:23] A younger and shabbier Riptide editor breakfasted at the family Hubbard home after a chance meeting in Kauai circa 2010. Image below.

jeff and jake