Riptide #203

Kim Feast dropknees The Right.

203 cover

On the cover: Western Australian dropknee charger Kim Feast does the unthinkable and tackles The Right, finless, on the knee! Read the story behind the groundbreaking session on page 14 of Riptide’s 203rd instalment. Photo: Chris Gurney Gurney

Also in this issue:

203 cover story

Kim Feast – The Story behind the Cover.

203 panama 1
203 panama 2

Panama – It’s not just a Van Halen song

203 usa 1
203 usa 2

Surfin’ USA – Shining a light on the American booging scene

203 tassie 1
203 tassie 2

Wilderness Waves – The hunt for a fabled Tasmanian bombie

203 hawaii 1
203 hawaii 2

Locals Only – Homegrown stories from Hawaii 2014/15

203 sa 1

The Dark Knight – SA’s best light up the state’s wedgy bodyboarding hub

203 sydney 1
203 sydney 2

South of Sydney – Characters and tales from the coast with the most

Also in this issue:

Knee Deep – Is Azza Glossop the new prince of DK?
Bodyboarding in Israel – With ripper Kiril Schegolsky
Coach Hardballs – Deconstructing the perfect air forward
Sweet Sixteen – Alexandra Rinder’s journey, in her words
Island Time – From Bora Bora to Tahiti to Oz with John Duval
Waves Under Threat – 6 bodyboarding havens that must be saved

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