La Salie Pro video highlights

Congrats again Pierre Louis Costes and Joana Schenker!
The first stop of the European Tour of Bodyboard – France’s Sen No Sen La Salie Pro – went down last weekend, won by PLC and Schenker, and the video highlights have now dropped. They didn’t score massive waves, but it looked pretty damn fun and the competitors put on a bit of a clinic in competition surfing (backflips, anyone?).

La Salie Pro 2015 | Finals

1. Pierre Louis Costes (FRA)
2. Mickaƫl Kerlir (FRA)
3. Anas Haddar (MOR)
4. Brahim Iddouch (MOR)

1. Joana Schenker (POR)
2. Alexandra Rinder (GER)
3. Teresa Almeida (POR)
4. Madi Fernandez (EUK)