Reeflex to design girls wetsuit range

Reeflex Wetsuits will be designing girls wetsuits and surf wear in collaboration with the 'X Girls' team.

Reeflex Wetsuits are excited to announce that they will be designing girls wetsuits and surfware in collaboration with the ‘X Girls’ team which consists of Lilly Pollard, Rio Clark and Sophie Leathers.

Reeflex owner Ryan Hardy said he hopes the new wetsuits and the ‘X Girls’ team will help progress the sport of women’s bodyboarding.

“I’m amped to be sponsoring a women’s bodyboarding team that will be helping Reeflex design a new women’s wetsuit and surfwear range for my brand Reeflex Wetsuits.

Ever since I first saw the women bodyboarders competing at Pipe on the Morey Boogie ‘on the edge’ video from back in the early 90’s I thought they were incredible!

One chick was competing at 6-8ft pipe and doing smooth spins with one leg which just blew me away! Coupled with the fact that all the girls on the video had incredible bodies from so much bodyboarding and the best riders were spinning as smooth, fast and stylishly as some of the men, that video really made a lasting impression on me.

I’ve been a fan of women’s bodyboarding ever since and it’s been sick to watch the styles and successes of some of the greatest women riders over the years like Mariana Nogueira, Stephanie Petterson, Neymara Carvalho, Mariana Taylor, Kira Llewelyn and more recently Natasha Laguardia, Lilly Pollard, Eunate Aguirre, Isabella Sousa and Alex Rinder who are now doing some really advanced surfing by consistently pulling backflips, air reverses and inverts and also charging in the heavy stuff!

Women’s bodyboarding can be enjoyed on so many different levels and I really believe that at the elite level it is one of the most spectacular, acrobatic, athletic and daring sports that girls can do. I’m amped to be supporting it and psyched to watch where the sport goes in the future and personally help encourage as many girls to get in the water and be a part of the fun and challenge themselves in the waves.