Tawa Hura dominates at Victorian Bodyboard titles

Full wrap up of Victoria’s premier bodyboarding contest
The Victorian State Bodyboard Titles were held in sunny, offshore conditions last Sunday, June 14, at Rye Ocean Beach.
It was an early start to a crystal clear and chilly morning, the kind of cold that bites through the layers of clothes like a burn to the core of your bones. Redemption was found in the water where, once surfing, the competitors agreed they were warmer in the water than out.

As the sun rose the temperature heated up alongside the surfing action and the vibe changed to that of a summers day, a jewel in the thorn of a rugged series of fronts in the weeks prior.  As the tide pulled away from the shore the waves turned from shore break dumpers to high performance bowls and ramps, both lefts and rights with the odd high-scoring tube ride to be found.

Competitors came from the east, the west, the Mornington Peninsula, the Melbourne suburbs and inland to challenge each other on what was a great day for Victorian bodyboarding. The definitive highlight was fifteen-year-old grom Tawa Hura claiming both the under 16s and open men’s title. The kid was on fire and even though the lead changed a few times in the open final, the youngster’s projected aerial moves put him in the victory seat against the older and more experienced riders.  The West Coast’s Justin Welsh, a multiple State dropknee champion, took out the dropknee division in what was a closely contended final.

There were many big moves and smooth combinations and tube rides throughout the day.  It was good to see a solid crowd of spectators and all the competitors band together to ensure a well run contest.

1. Tawa Hura
2. Adam Morrison 
3. Eddie Wearne 
4. Wills Riordan 

1. Justin Welsh 
2. Nath Clayton
3. Josh Carson
4. Anthony Hahn

Under 16’s
1. Tawa Hura

Over 23’s
1. Rhys Fenn
2. Guy Drerup
3. Dave Bagot
4. Scott Hubery

Over 35’s
1. Steve Hartshorne
2. Corey Hannan
3. Ben O’brien

Over 45’s
1. Steve Watson

1. Sally Wells

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