Interview with Marli Dunn

Riptide catches up with the ambitious South Coast grommet

Marli Dunn is as prolific as he is talented.The South Coast grommet seems to be putting out a web clip on a monthly basis, courtesy of his good friend and camera-whiz Ben Bettridge. And as you can see above, the kid is certainly improving with each and every session.

It has been a while since we have spoken to the Dunn, who featured in our “Youth” section of Riptide way back in issue #197 (buy here). So we thought we’d catch up to the youngster and see what he has been up to.

RT: What’s up Marli, looks like you got some more stickers on your board since we last saw you.

MD: Yeah the past 2 weeks I have picked up sponsors with Stealth boards and fins and also Reeflex Wetsuits. Everything is definitely starting to pan out the way I had hoped!
RT: From our understanding you are the first rider to be picked up as part of the Reeflex “Hardy X Clips competition”. How was that experience and what is it like to be on the same team as Ryan Hardy?
MD: It is so sick being on the same team as the Ryan Hardy! It is so wild having one of your favorite bodyboarders ever sponsor you. It’s such a good feeling!
RT: You were featured in our Youth pages back in #197 as a 16-year-old. How old are you now? Still in school?
MD: I’m 17 and in my last year at school. It feels like I’ve already left school. The last time I checked my a attendance for maths was 50 per cent, hahaha. [note: Riptide does not condone skipping school. Seriously stay in school kids, it will help in the long run! – Ed]
RT: How has your riding evolved since that feature? Anything you are working on in terms of moves or style?
MD: Since then I’ve started chasing a lot more bigger waves with a couple of my mates. My style has definitely become more technical since then. Also I am landing a lot more bigger airs.
RT: In our last interview (read here) you said said you wanted to go to University to become a primary school teacher but you also wanted to give the boog life a crack. How is that all going? Any new direction?
MD: The school teaching idea has gone down the drain. Not sure what I want to do but chase waves after I finish school.
RT: You seem to be pumping out video clips at a furious rate with Ben Bettridge. Was that always a plan?
MD: Yeah I guess so. Just trying to get more exposure so I guess the best way we can do this is making clips. Its good having a Filmer/photographer that’s keen most of the time to come chase waves.
RT: You live in the ridiculously talented and wave-rich pocket of our country known as the South Coast. Is it hard to get waves when there are the likes of Nick Gornall, Jase Finlay and Co out in the lineup? Does their surfing push you?
MD: It’s not too hard to get waves off all the big-wigs! You just have to show them that you’re just as hungry as they are to get waves. Those boys definitely push me in the surf. Seeing what they can do on waves gives me new goals to go as big as them in a couple of years time, if not now.
RT: What’s your plans for the remainder of 2015 and into the future?
MD: I’ll probably just chase waves and then when I leave school I will try start doing trips overseas and obviously work on my surfing.

Web clip filmed and Edited by Ben Bettridge