Pride bodyboards release new Vulcan fins

French bodyboard company ventures into the swimfin market

European bodyboard juggernauts PRIDE have expanded their empire by joining the increasingly crowded swimfin market.

The French company recently announced the release of their Vulcan fin range, which come in two models and a swag of bright colours.

Will these fins cause yet another shakeup to the fin industry? Or will they be ignored by the increasingly style-conscious bodyboarding fraternity? Only time will tell.

Read more about the Vulcan fins in the press release below.

After two years of research, PRIDE is launching its first fins, the Vulcan V1 and V2.

PRIDE « Here comes the future ». Behind this statement stands the expertise of a company specialized in the design of bodyboards. Based in the southwest of France in Anglet, PRIDE has one goal: Provide the public with the absolute best Bodyboard products.

Historically specializing in the design and development of bodyboards, PRIDE has added a string to its bow. One of the market leading brands now offers a range of high-performance bodyboard swimfins: The Vulcan.
“Bodyboarding swimfins are an integral part of our sport. But it seems that with moulds for sale, technical advancements have been sacrificed for colour, poor fit and unintelligent design” states Imanol Arrizabalaga, the Pride CEO. Gambling on excellence by redesigning a bodyboardfin from A to Z was the PRIDE lead motive in this new challenge.

Vulcan V1 and V2 provide bodyboarders with an innovative swimfin technology. Inspired by the aesthetics of a classic asymmetric fin, the Vulcan swimfins have been designed to optimize comfort and propulsion. “We have almost tested every bodyboard swimfin available to the market. This study has allowed us to identify what the bodyboard swimfin performance criteria were.” commented Jeremy Arnoux, the Pride Lab Manager, Prides’ purpose built R & D facility. The foot pocket has been designed to reduce friction in order to avoid skin irritation, guaranteeing maximum comfort. “As with a pair of shoes, the bodyboarder must feel that the swimfins are integral parts of his body, as if they did not exist.” Explains Batiste Remy, the Vulcan swimfins designer.

The new swimfins are the result of two years of innovation process, involving numerous prototypes and tests under real conditions in collaboration with International team riders Pierre-Louis Costes and Jared Houston. “Numerous times during the design process we tested the swimfins in all conditions from small waves to big waves, beachbreaks, reefbreaks all over the place, and every time we came back with something that wasn’t quite right, the Pride Lab would then take it into consideration, modify it until to the point where we’ve arrived at the time at we feel it’s pretty perfect,” explains Jared Houston, Pride team member and 2014 Bodyboarder of the year runner up.

The 3density elastomer® technology available on the V2 models offers improved propulsion performance. It is the most suitable model for powerful and experienced bodyboarders. The two densities of the V1 model allow having the perfect flex for long sessions or in cold water.

Through this video, PRIDE invites you to delve into what has been the everyday life of the Pride Lab the past two years.

Available in various colors, the Vulcan swimfins will blend perfectly with the PRIDE boards range.

The VULCAN fins are now available in stores distributing PRIDE and on the website.