Women’s competition concluded on the final day of competition at the 2015 APB Arica Chilean Challenge. Waves continued to roll through at 2-3 ft. with the occasional bigger set, but a persistent onshore wind created textured conditions. First up for the day was the last heat of round three in which three Brazilians would fight it out for the last two remaining positions in the quarterfinals. 3-time World Champion Isabela Sousa went on to win the heat, while 5-time World Champion Neymara Carvalho would finish second to advance on.

In the quarterfinals, Paloma Freyggan (Chile) utilized roll to spin combinations to put up scores of 6.75 and 7.75 to defeat Clare McGowan (England) in quarter one. Puerto Rico’s Luz Marie Grand engaged in a back and forth battle with defending World Champion Alexandra Rinder. Luz had the advantage, sitting on an 8.25 and a 5.15, but Alexandra managed to add a 6.35 to her previous score of 7.75 in the closing seconds to win the heat.

Quarterfinal three pitted Neymara Carvalho against fellow Brazilian Jessica Becker. Jessica scored an 8.50 on a big, critical roll in which she road onto the rocks, but she could never replace her 5.0 with a stronger secondary score. As a result, she was unable to overtake Neymara, and Carvalho would advance to the semifinals. Then in the last quarterfinal heat, Isabela Sousa won a hard fought matchup against Chilean National Champion Anais Velis that went right down to the wire. In the closing seconds, it looked like the 15 year old Velis was going to be able to take out the former world champion, but Isabela followed up in response with a wave of her own that would push her ahead of the young Chilean.

Moving on into the semifinals, Alexandra Rinder squared off against Paloma Freyggan. Paloma was never able to put together anything more substantial than moderate scores, opening the door for Alexandra to advance to the final. Semifinal two matched up Neymara Carvalho against Isabela Sousa for the second time on the day. Isabela opened up with a 6.00, built up her scores using big rolls to compile a 7.75 and then a 7.15, and buried Neymara in combination situation. In the consolation final, Neymara Carvalho beat out Paloma Freyggan, placing Carvalho in 3rd place and Freyggan in 4th place overall.

The Women’s final was a showdown between world champions. Both defending World Champion Alexandra Rinder and 3-time World Champion Isabela Sousa came out firing. On their opening wave exchange, Sousa dialed up an 8.0 Air Roll Spin, while Rinder threw down a 9.25 on a big flip. An extended lull and minimal scores filled the middle timeframe of the final, but picked up in intensity in the late minutes of the heat. Isabela continued to try to improve her score, but could only muster a 5.75 back up score. Meanwhile, the 17 year old Rinder planted a competitive dagger in the heart of Sousa by scoring a 9.90 on a huge backflip to close out the final and clinch the win.


With the Arica Chilean Challenge having drawn to a close, the 2015 APB World Bodyboarding Tour now heads to the Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival (July 28th– August 2nd) where competitors in the Mens, Women’s, and Pro Junior divisions will take on Nilda Point.