Who is Charley Legan-Alderman?

Coming from the talent-rich realms of the South Coast can be a blessing and a burden for many young budding bodyboarders.

On the one side, you have some of the best bodyboarding waves in the world mixed with the best riders to help push your riding.

But on the side, it can be pretty damn hard to make a name for yourself when you have the likes of Nick Gornall, Jase Finlay and co. to contend for waves.

Charley Legan-Alderman is one name that not many people will know but, going off his debut clip, the kid deserves some kudos.

We decided to throw Charley some questions so we could get to know the South Coast shredder a bit better.

Name: Charley Legan-Alderman 

Age: 24

Lives: Batemans Bay

Sponsors: None

Board & size: ID board, size 41.5

Years bodyboarding: 10 years but been trying to take it more serious the last 5 years.

Favourite break: Hmm hard to say living on the south coast, there’s too many breaks I really enjoy surfing. But supers would have to be in top 3 for sure. 

Favourite move: Would have to be an invert, they feel so good when everything involves works out perfect. 

Favourite riders: Glen Thurston because of some of his moves he can do with his large frame and his skill and ability in big waves. And just been an absolute top guy all round over the last 3 years of building a friendship with him. Also Hardy and the retired Kingy since childhood. Simply because they just rip and seem like real nice funny dudes even know I’ve never met them haha.

Barrels or boosts: Have to go barrels. There are so many different kinds of barrels and they all are undescribable I reckon, the feeling you get is amazing. But do love my share of hangtime too.

Best thing about living on the South Coast: It’s not the city. So peaceful, admirable, intriguing, waves, people around me, the list can go on haha.

Worst thing about living on the South Coast: Work in Winter time and small town gossip. But I’m not in either of those boats at the moment hehe. So blessed to be working where I’m working and still have about 27 years before I’m an actual local haha, just three years in.

Short term goals: I started my own Lawn and Garden Maintenance business 6 months ago and it’s slowly going good but I question it sometimes. For surfing, I’m happy with what’s happening now but would sometimes wish things moved a little faster. Hopefully the business kicks off one day and I can be my own boss and have my own hours would be my goal. 

Long term goals: The last sentence in the last question actually haha. But after some unfortunate events happening the end of last month, I feel slight presents of change that could possibly swing into action. Hard to say right now.

Hobbie outside of bodyboarding: Love basketball but don’t get to play enough. AFL and hanging out with my amazing girlfriend.

What do you love about bodyboarding: How your mind can be cleared of whatever is dwelling on it at the time. It just draws all your attention to the wave you’re about to catch and how you’re going to approach it, what move you want to do, barrel or air, spin or reverse. Doesn’t matter what you do, there’s no real bad consequence just pure stoke, froth and enjoyment.