Nomad Bodyboards  is proud to announce the launch of the 2015/16 FSD ULTIMATE, featuring a new graphic slick.

The graphic slick artwork is influenced by the iconic album cover of Joy Division’s masterpiece “Unknown Pleasures”, which in turn was influenced by an image originally created by radio astronomer Harold Craft of successive radio waves from the first ever pulsar discovered in space in 1919.


The FSD ULTIMATE art replicates the lines from the pulsars radio waves, providing a unique and fresh look to the standard plain surlyn slick bottom.

 The FSD Ultimate also features the new Precision Recoil Stringer (PRS) tapered to provide nose flex and recoil, The ULTIMATE contour, a new template, nose bulbs, nose and tail bumpers, and channels.

samthomas instagramAbove: Tasmanian charger Sam Thomas tests out the FSD Ultimate in heavy conditions in South Australia.

It is available in 1.9pcf Premium PP core in both Clipped Crescent and Bat tail for $349.95, and D12 PP core in crescent tail for $299.95. (Bat Tail available October 1st – Preorder in store)

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