Arica 2015: Episode One

A unique look at the 2015 Arica Chilean Challenge

select_logoThis first in a three-part series from Chilean filmer Ernesto Guevara gives an in-depth look into the small yet thriving bodyboarding community of Arica.

Episode one focuses on the biggest surfing event to come to town, the Arica Chilean Challenge.

The waves pumped throughout the contest and some seriously high-performance bodyboarding went down with Jared Houston claiming victory in the pro men’s and Alexandra Rinder in the women’s.

Next episode will focus on some big wave riding by the pro riders at “El Buey” followed by freeriding at the infamous El Gringo.

Featuring riders:
Jared Houston, Amaury Lavernhe, Diego Cabrera, Alexandra Rinder, Isabela Sousa, Alex Uranga, Pierre Louis Costes, Dudu Pedra, Mike Stewart, Uri Valadao, Tanner McDaniel, Nicolas Chiara, Jose Octavio, Israel Salas, Jessica Becker, Paloma Freyggang, Sacha Damjanic, Clare McGowan, Helliton Loureiro, Iain Campbell, Antonio cardoso, Jacob Romero & Cristobal Sciaraffia. (Perú)

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Song: What went Down
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