Dave Hubbard is pushing the limits of a bodyboard

The bearded brother goes nuts during his visit down under

select_logoThere is no doubt that Dave Hubbard is an innovator of what can be done on 42-odd inches of foam.

During his visit to Australia earlier this year with brother Jeff, the versatile maestro turned more than a few heads with his prone, dropknee and stand-up bodyboarding skills.

The bearded man manages to pull not one, but three moves that we don’t see enough of. This includes the dropknee roll, reverse invert and reverse barrel roll.

Also in the video you can witness the exact point that Jeff Hubbard breaks his ankle while landing an air reverse in very shallow water (see precisely 1:45).

Filmed & Edited by Matthew Tanaka
Additional Footage by Ray Collins & Micah Lo’i

Music by Tiesto & Sneaky Sound System “I Will Be Here” Wolfgang Gartner Remix