Crowdfunding campaign launched for Holding On documentary

Support needed to bring Skid Kids film to the big screen

Do you want to play a role in bodyboarding history?

Because the company behind the hugely anticipated Holding On documentary, Momentum One productions, are doing just that with their Kickstarter campaign.

As part of the company’s goal to raise $20,000 for editing and other post-production costs, bodyboarders can put their name to what will be the first-ever bodyboarding documentary.

“The money raised will help take this project to the next level of storytelling,” co-producer and director of Holding On, Simon Bruncke, said.

“(It will) increase production values and produce a film never seen before in the sport.”

The Holding On documentary has been completely self-funded up until this point. However, in order to take the film to a global audience, Bruncke said high-budget post production is needed, including motion graphics, colourisation, sound mixing, subtitles and an internationally-recognised narrator.

“We’re excited to announce the launch of the Holding On crowdfunding project,” Bruncke said.

“This is a great opportunity for people to get involved in the project at all levels, from getting their name in the credits and pre-ordering the film, all the way to becoming an Executive Producer or sponsor of the movie.”


The Kickstarter campaign is accepting donations of anywhere between $2 and $5000 with a range of rewards including name on the credits, t shirts, hoodies, VIP tickets to the premiere and even executive producer credits.

Holding On is the first ever feature-length documentary made on the sport of bodyboarding and tells the remarkable true story of the notorious Skid Kids.

Set in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Holding on focuses on Cronulla bodyboarders Dave Ballard, Adam “Wingnut” Smith, Nathan “Nugget” Purcell, Matt Percy, Mark Fordham, Christian “Rissole” Rigucinni and Brett Young.

These young man from varied backgrounds were unified by a bond founded in their love of bodyboarding one of world’s most dangerous waves, Shark Island in Cronulla.


Overcoming many challenges and much adversity the Skid Kids almost singlehandedly transformed bodyboarding from something that was considered farcical into a legitimate extreme sport through their sheer determination and reckless no-holds-barred approach to surfing.

The Featured Cast includes bodyboarders from all eras of the sport from Chaz McCall,Mark Sorensen and Nick Gibbs all the way through to Michael “Eppo” Epplestun, Damian Kingand Ben Player, as well as the who’s who of worldwide bodyboarding, with Hawaii’s Jeff Hubbard and Mike Stewart, joining Brazil’s Guilherme Tamega.


The film also features industry insiders from both within and outside of bodyboarding with Alex Leon, Terry Fleming, Derek Rielly, Luke Egan and Chris Stroh giving their thoughts on the Skid Kids and a range of other issues and topics.

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