It doesn’t matter how many times we see it, Shipsterns Bluff has got to be one of the most captivating waves on the planet.

From the daunting cliffs that seemingly lurch over the dark and cold waters, to the demented beauty of the wave itself. It’s unpredictable steps transform the wave into a natural obstacle course for all those who are crazy enough to take it on.

Last week, Shippies was in classic form, with local mad men Harley Ward, Sam Thomas, Cohen Tomas, Callum Wells, Sam Ross, Ewan Donnachie and Shane Ackerman all on hand to sample her goods.

Tassie photographer Cam Green was there to capture all the action.

SHIPSTERNS GALLEY by Cam Green (@the_green_machine_)

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“It was a pretty hyped swell and looked amazing on the charts,” Green said.

“Wednesday morning we arrived at the Stern in the always trustworthy boat ‘Pigs ‘R’ us’ , captained by Ash ‘Cobby’ Garland. The line up was pretty busy already with about 10 to 15 people paddling and three ski’s towing.

“As the day went on, the tide filled in and the crowd thinned out as the sets started to slow. Ewan was hungry for some and sat in the line up until the early afternoon, catching a few good ones in-between the stand-ups towing the big sets.

“All in all, it was a pretty epic day at Shippies and everyone went away smiling! It was nice to sit back on the boat and shoot some photos for a change.”

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