Ben Player’s Modern Surfari

The 3 time world champion with a new angle on an old favourite

select_logoFrom the wheels he drives, to his unique angles caught on a GoPro, Ben Player is all class.

This latest clip by the three-time world champion provides a rare up-close and personal insight into how he approaches his wave riding at one of his most treasured waves, Blackrock.

In our opinion, it is one of the best angles we have seen with the board mounts, and Benny P’s ability to still shred despite having a camera in his face the entire time is proof that the man is a freak.

Here’s what he had to say on the clip:

“I recently took a chance on a swell down the coast at one of my favourite spots, the swell and wind forecast weren’t great, but I had a BMW X6 to drive down in comfort and I wanted to see how a new P.O.V angle was going to work out so I went for it.”

“Stoked I did, the waves were great and the footage looks cool.”