2015 APB World Tour Halfway Recap

Against all odds, this year's world title race proves to be one to watch

Anyone who has watched the webcasts will agree that, against all odds, the 2015 APB World Tour has been nothing short of amazing.

Despite there being no Pipe and Teahupoo and despite the severe lack of Aussie riders, the APB team have managed to put together a world tour that bodyboarders can be proud of.

Each round has been blessed with some of the biggest swells of the year, including ridiculously large beach breaks at Itacoatiara, shallow slabs at Arica and a technical challenge at Antofagasta. This has given way to some spectacular, high-performance bodyboarding that has showcased the sport in the best possible light.

And what about the riders? Anybody who thought this year’s world title was Moz’s for the taking were severely wrong (including us). After three events, we have seen three different riders from three very different countries hold up the winner’s trophy. The world tour race is wide open and nobody really knows who is going to take the title.

So, as we enter the final half of the 2015 world tour, it’s time to get excited people. Because this year may go down in the history books as one of the most exciting and interesting seasons in a long time.