Salt Horizon Season 2 Trailer

The legendary bodyboarding mini-series is back for another season

Salt Horizon Season 2 is gearing up for the launch of Episode 1 next week and have released the trailer for the anticipated series.

Salt Horizon is an episodic short film series from the creative minds and lens of two of bodyboarding’s most prolific documenters, Matt Lackey and Michael Jennings, and is designed to show high performance bodyboarding at its very best.

Salt Horizon will also be a collaborative project, with this season two’s team including the filming talent including James Strickland, Tyson Lloyd, and Samuel Rutherford.

This season will include destinations including the Cook Islands, Tahiti, Bali, The Philippines, as well as the Gold Coast, North and South Coasts of NSW, and South Oz, and feature the incredible riding talents of Ryan Hardy, Chris James, Joe Clarke, Cade Sharp, Michael Novy, Jones Russell, Chase O’Leary, Matt lackey, and Ash Bryant.